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Benson and a bill, , for Benson's share of the insurance on the ship Sultana and her cargo. The record book of C. Ewing as superintendent of the Southern Railway Company, , is incorporated into this ledger. Merchant's record book with accounts for many local people. The ledger shows trade with Philadephia in pitch, tar, turpentine, staves, grain, and other foodstuffs. Merchant's ledger listing a wide range of manufactured and agricultural commodities with their prices.

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One of the larger accounts is for Exum Newby. Account book of a tavern keeper. The ledger records taxes, investments in bank stock, and numerous references to stagecoach operations and tavern expenses. Apparently the account book of a physician, itemizing visits, medicines, and prices. Ledger of a physician giving accounts for services and medicines.

It was later used as a scrapbook for clippings on Confederate history and personalities and topics of interest to women. This logbook records four commercial voyages among the English colonies in North American and the West Indies and also to England, involving the ships Joannah and Grizzel, with detailed references to cargo, destination, and customers, especially in connection with a voyage to North Carolina.

Student notebook on lectures given by John Patten Emmet at the University of Virginia and lectures given by George Bacon Wood at the University of Pennsylvania, all of which were concerned with pharmacy. Describes diseases and prescriptions and contains notes evidently on the lectures of Drs. Wilhelm Rapp and Maximilian Adolph Langenbeck One section of this volume records the sale of goods salvaged from the wrecked ship Culloden. The plot concerns romance between individuals of enemy nations. Rough draft and revised copy of a narrative poem, Edwin and Laura, evidently written by a Virginian after There are descriptions of places in Virginia and critical observations on local customs.

Topics include therapeutic springs in the western part of the state; popular writers and magazines; and the University of Virginia, its expensive operation, its faculty, and the hiring of foreigners for the faculty. A supplement describes mercenary Richmond merchants and lazy members of the legislature. Included also is a poem on drinking.

Clippings, for the most part on economic and political subjects, concerned with both state and national affairs. Clippings and pictures about several Massachusetts regiments which served in Cuba in the Spanish-American War. Primary focus is on the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment. The lines of the revengeful Moor, Zanga, from Edward Young's tragedy, The Revenge , with cues from the roles of other characters. Anson to discuss a treaty for the abolition of slavery in the islands. Volumes list taxpayers alphabetically, with Negro and white accounts differentiated, amounts owed and amounts paid recorded, and county, state, school, and road taxes entered in separate columns.

Papers of Richard Apperson, a Revolutionary soldier, concerning a duel with a Dr.

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Business, family, and legal correspondence of a plantation owner, largely composed of accounts, bills, invoices, indentures, and land surveys. Letters, some of a business nature, comprise about 5 percent of the collection. Correspondents whose names appear most often are Pettit and Leake, a legal firm of Goochland Court House.

Correspondence of a businessman allied to the publishing firm of Appleton and Co. His interests included politics, international commerce and banking, foreign affairs, art and artists, humanitarian movements, and the Grand Army of the Republic. There are several letters concerning the difficulties of organizing Civil War troops and the experiences of Northern soldiers in the South. Appleton's continuing interest in international fairs and expositions is shown in a number of letters, including his correspondence on the Paris Exposition, for which he served as commissioner.

Appleton received letters in the s from Anson Burlingame, Charles B. Norton, and Francis W. Rice, among others, on the prospects for a Central American interoceanic canal, and there are many letters on various international business affairs from people such as Henry S.

Gillig, Charles Bowles, and Charles B. Appleton's long-term interest in the Grand Army of the Republic is reflected in his correspondence with John Palmer, a commander-in-chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, and a number of prominent generals. These documents, written in French, concern the voyage of the brigantine Les Bons Amis, which was stopped by both English and French corsairs as it returned with a cargo of sugar from Saint Domingue to Cadiz.

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The papers include a list of the cargo brought from Europe and a report on the voyage written by the captain. Photocopy of a diary kept while on a river boat trip up the Magdalena River in Colombia. Contains detailed descriptions of the people, towns, and wildlife Arbouin encountered. Letters from Arbuthnot to the Foreign Office written while Arbuthnot was ambassador extraordinary at Constantinople. In the letters he discussed the financial arrangements and burdens of his embassy. A facsimile letter from Arch appealing on behalf of the National Agricultural Union and a letter stating Arch's opinion on financial compensation for members of the House of Commons.

Photostatic copies of original papers in the British Museum, pertaining to the Province of Carolina, most of which fall within the administration, , of Governor John Archdale , and include many of his letters. The collection concerns the enticing of German colonists into the province; the establishment of the Church of England; dissension in the Caro linas; living conditions in the colonies; religious dissension in regard to qualifi cations for office-holding and representation in the assembly; freedom of religion; rights and privileges of aliens; mistreatment of the Indians; and sales of land.

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Included are a speech by Governor John Archdale to the assembly and various commissions; a descrip tion of North Carolina and St. Augustine, Florida; a marriage license for a member of the Archdale family; petitions in behalf of the French settlers; patent grants; maps of the Charleston, South Carolina, settlement and of the eastern North Carolina seaboard and a copy of Culpeper's draft of the Ashley River.

Correspondence of Fletcher H. Archer b.

Diaries and Letters 1800-1899

Letters and papers relating to Confederate army life in Alabama and Virginia. Letters of a lawyer, U. One item comments on the political situation in and criticizes Polk's administration. Letter and a schedule dealing with the value of Confederate and state currency in and Numerous volumes kept by pupils, according to general practice, containing rules and illustrative examples of various arithmetical processes, extending in general from simple addition to arithmetical progressions.

The twenty-six arithmetics, as follows, were sometimes part of a collection but more often are separate items. Flagg, n.

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Pegram, , , Guilford County, North Carolina, 2 vols. Smaw, n. Letter book containing the incoming and outgoing correspondence of the commanding colonel of the 3rd Regiment of Artillery, United States Army. The letters deal mainly with routine military matters such as courtsmartial, supplies, recruitment, and reports. Legal papers concerned with the settlement of estates and debts. Includes a letter, , from General C. Markle stating that his father would not consider becoming a candidate for governor and a letter, , concerning the settlement of George Remaly's estate.

Letters concerning land claims, speculations, and litigation in Tennessee; and a benefit lottery for Oxford N. Letters of a merchant whose business consisted largely of the sale of shingles and lumber.

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Letters are also concerned with borrowing money from the Bank of the Cape Fear. Some family letters are included, and there is a land deed from Thomas Armstrong to Bennett Armstrong of Tyrrell County. Letters from two Confederate soldiers, Robert T. Cullars and George W. Normans, describing campaigning in Virginia, particularly under General George B. Correspondence of a British poet and journalist, for the most part of a very general nature but indicative of his associations and acquaintances. The correspondence includes a series of letters, , from Takaaki Kato, the Japanese ambassador in London; Sir George Birdwood's recommendation for the European colonization of Northern Burma, ; U.

Ambassador Thomas F. Bayard's comments on Anglo-American relations, ; H.

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Dharmapala's letter, , about the restoration of Buddh Gaya; Joseph Chamberlain's response to the government's critics during the Boer War, ; John Mason Cook's reaction to his first trip to Japan, ; and various inquiries and responses to articles Arnold had done for the Daily Telegraph. Correspondence, financial records, and account books, generally written in German, of a general goods merchant, including prices for many commodities, principally alcoholic beverages and foodstuffs.

With these papers is a diary of a train trip from Texas to Nashville, Tennessee, which appears to be connected with a Whitsett family. There is also an undated map of the route in Atascosa County of the Chicago, St. Louis, and Texas Air Line Railroad. Business papers of Richard Arnold, who operated a blacksmith shop. The numerous itemized accounts reveal the trend of prices during the Civil War period.

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Papers of a physician, including a diary, scrapbook, receipt book, and account book. The papers are almost entirely business and professional correspondence. Filed with the papers is Arnold's diary for the years , which reflects his experience as a young physician in Savannah, and describes various aspects of the city's social life. The diary contains a lengthy account of a duel and describes a visit by General Winfield Scott. The indexed scrapbook is made up almost entirely of newspaper clippings on a variety of subjects such as local and national politics, railroads and taxation, health and medicine, opera and drama, and Civil War subjects.

The receipt book shows both household and medical expenditures for , and the account book contains the records of estates for which Arnold was an administrator. This collection is comprised, for the most part, of letters written to Sallie Arnold between and by Union soldiers and friends.

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