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If you are interested in creating web sites or pages then Adobe Dreamweaver is for you as it is the industry standard web design software used by millions around the World. Dreamweaver has literally hundreds of functions and techniques to be learnt but learning them is well worth the effort. Use this app as a "Video reference library" where you come back for a refresher lesson or you want to learn a new skill. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store.

By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. Privacy Policy. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Pick a gift Simplified! Continue Cancel. Guides For Dreamweaver. C Eagle Apps. Wish list. See System Requirements. Available on HoloLens. Full-color illustrations and concise instructions take you through all phases of web publishing, from laying out and formatting text to enlivening pages with graphics and animation.

Working with Dynamic Page Layouts

This easy-to-follow visual guide shows you the building blocks of a webpage and how to work with images, create links and forms, generate dynamic content using JavaScript, use style sheets, and publish a page on the web. You'll learn to use HTML, create simple yet attractive web pages, and enhance them with frames, multimedia effects, links, and more. Features full-color illustrations with step-by-step instructionsCovers everything you need to get started, including how to use HTML, how to lay out pages and format text, and how to add graphics and visual effectsShows how to make your pages more interesting with animation and sound, add links to other sites, include e-mail addresses, and more.

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In your cart, save the other item s for later in order to get NextDay delivery. This example shows how you specify drill-down fields for custom dynamic choice list fields in simplified pages. Select a dynamic choice list item from the Available Fields column. This figure shows the drill down status column for the selected dynamic choice list fields. This worked example illustrates how to create and add custom links to simplified pages. Expand Standard Objects , and then expand Sales Lead. Field or Region Value Display Label field. After you enter Test, the Name field automatically displays Test.

After you select Link , the Source field automatically shows the URL option selected, and displays it as disabled. In the Details Page Layouts region, duplicate the standard layout to create a new layout to edit, or edit another existing layout. In the Edit Simplified Details Page, select the vertical tab to which you want to add the custom link.

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In this example, select the Summary tab. Every top-level object such as an opportunity, account, or contact has an edit page, also known as a details page. The details page is where users go to view record details, and make changes. You can use Application Composer to modify the details page.

Introduction to HTML -- Your First Web Page -- Part 1

For example, you can show and hide fields, and you can also show and hide subtabs. Subtabs are useful because they display details that are related to the current record but derived from another record, or even from an external source.

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For example, when editing a trouble ticket record, your users might want to view the list of products that are reported on the trouble ticket. You create that subtab using Application Composer. Read this topic to learn more about subtabs in the simplified set of pages. A subtab lets you display details that are related to the current object but derived from another object, or from another source outside the current application altogether.

Account Options

You do this by adding subtabs to the details page, and specifying the source of subtab data. At runtime, your users can click each subtab to review data that is related in some way to the current object's record. A subtab displays data in a list. Users can click any record in the list to drill down to view more details about that record.

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Let's look at the subtabs that are available from the Edit Opportunity page. This subtab lists records from the Opportunity Contact object, which is a child of the Opportunity object. Your users would click this subtab to review contacts that are related to the current opportunity record. This subtab lists records from the Opportunity Team Member object, which is a child of the Opportunity object. Your users would click this subtab to review team members that are related to the current opportunity record.

This subtab lists records from the Sales Lead object. This is a context link type of subtab, which displays data from any object. There is no cascade delete relationship between the Opportunity and Sales Lead objects.

Creating Web Pages with HTML Simplified

Your users would click this subtab to review leads that are related to the current opportunity record. Subtabs display on an object's details page. Every top-level object has a details page, also known as the edit page, as part of its work area. The details page is the page where users can view more details about an object. Depending on the security setup, users access the details page by clicking the Edit icon or by selecting the Edit menu item from the Actions menu on the summary table's toolbar. Users can also access the details page by clicking the object record name itself in the summary table.

The details page can also display information related to the object record in subtabs. For example, the details page for an opportunity could include a subtab that lists customer contacts or previous orders. Standard objects are delivered with a details page that has a set number of subtabs. You can add more if required. For the custom objects you create, you can add subtabs once you create the work area for the object. Let's say you want to add a new subtab to the Edit Opportunity page. In this example, let's show the customer's address.

Under the Objects navigation tree, expand Standard Objects, then expand the Opportunity object. In the Details Page Layouts region, select a layout. You can select the standard layout and click the Duplicate Layout icon to duplicate it, or select another layout. Click the Edit icon.

MAXQDA 2018 Manual

These subtab types are described in "Subtab Types: Explained". Read that topic to learn how to add each specific type of subtab. Let's say you want to hide the Appointments subtab on the Edit Opportunity page. When you navigate to the Edit Opportunity page at runtime, the Appointments subtab is no longer available. Subtabs display details that are related to the current record but derived from another object entirely, or even from an external source.

Subtabs display on a top-level object's details page. The details pages for standard objects are delivered with a set number of subtabs, but you can add more if required. You can add subtabs to the details pages for custom objects. Using Application Composer, you can create five types of subtabs.

Read this topic to learn about the different types of subtabs that you can create:. A related object subtab lists records from one object that is related to another object.