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Cut out think to move latency. Oculus is watching! The only way that can happen is to take these first baby steps. Why direct to the brain? Nah, I think this is where things start to get very weird. You plant a microchip inside your head, it connects to your brain and is able to interfere with your normal brain function, at what point is it able to connect to AI?

How many firmware updates does it take before it can be remotely controlled, what happens when it gets hacked? Not for me. It may be possible to communicate with the brain through points in the other parts of the body without a implant into the brain.

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Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Road to VR. Hardware Reviews. Top Picks. Email Address:. Image courtesy Neuralink. Image courtesy Neuralink Moreover, the startup also created a neurosurgical robot capable of inserting six threads electrodes per minute, the company says in their recently published research paper. Accel World, anyone?

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More contentfully, thank you. I expected a Sword Art reference, and found much better. Peter K.

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Alan Dail. You definitely need that edge, let me tell you.

Like: you implant something, then it communicates wirelessly to a nearby device. It also depends on the actual goal. Foreign Devil. Neuro mancer.

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Mateusz Pawluczuk. TonyVT SkarredGhost. Erik de Bruijn. Also, I recommend reading more science fiction. It helps you imagine future outcomes. Waji Anwar. Lol it already it ;. Exactly as you described? Find someplace else to troll. Virtual Fairy. Christianity has clearly been an unhealthy influence on you. VR has clearly been an unhealthy influence on you. Virtual fairy? You seem to be on the wrong website. Boomer alert.

What causes our minds to be so active?

Millennial actually and ashamed of it. You stopped reading because it applied to you.

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Lucas Mills. John Overholt. Randy V. Richard Neville. I also never learn to resist daily temptations to squeeze in "just one more thing. Everything is last minute. The papers I need? My sunglasses? What about the person waiting for me on the other end? I feel bad, do it anyway, and then feel worse. The smallest, simple things drain away all of my time and stress reserves: compiling a to-do list, deciding what to eat or which outfit to wear, choosing a route or a time to leave the house, or weighing what to say in an email or text.

Forget about big decisions! Those are the ones that re-appear at 3 a. Still, I ruminate and second guess myself. Decisions become an abyss. My internal energy flow is unstable at best, untamed and destructive at worst. When energy bursts come, I align with them, push myself as hard as I can; and then collapse when they pass. Either that or I wipe out big time.

Staying afloat is hard enough. With the fiery urge of a gambler at a roulette table, I fight daily to resist food, drinks, purchases, and words. Nothing is ever enough; I always want more cookies, chips, clothes, shoes, and purses. Controlling my impulses is a daily battle — one that I feel I never win.

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I take on more than I should and end up causing myself, and others, unnecessary stress. Cleaning up is not rocket science. So why is it so hard to take off a shirt and hang it up or walk 10 steps to the hamper? Clothes, papers, mail are quiet; they can wait. Laundry baskets, couches, or chairs become drawers.