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The alchemist had two eye sockets in approximately the right place, but they were filled with glistening gelatinous material that boasted pale green irises with black pinpricks in the center. Both Omen and Templar spun around. An old woman stood behind them, clutching a gnarled wooden staff in one hand and a goblet of wine in the other. A small hummingbird flittered about her head, pulling at strands of her long white hair. It landed on her shoulder and perched calmly there, tiny eyes peering intently at Omen.

The old woman pointed her staff toward the red sector and the group of women sitting in the center of it. As they approached the strange man, he turned toward them expectantly. He was dressed in long blue robes that hid his form.

His hands, folded upon his lap, were unusually large — his fingers extremely long and thin. Omen spotted webbing between each digit. Templar stopped beside him and inclined his head politely.


She has sent us to retrieve it. The Mer blinked slowly. His eyes, blue as the sea, were enormous and bulbous, lending him a wild, wide-eyed expression. The smile that accompanied that look only added to the unnerving effect as it revealed tiny needle-like teeth behind his pale blue lips. The Mer rubbed his chin thoughtfully, looking the two of them over.

The webbed plume on his head raised upward as he studied them. Standing in the center of the pit was a most curious-looking creature. Tall, with fine sharp features and long dark hair that hung about his shoulders in curls, he might have passed for human were it not for his glowing yellow eyes and the fact that his legs below the knees looked like they belonged on a goat.

His goat legs stuck out from beneath his calf-length velvet breeches.

"Holiday" Not quite ABOUT yarn

Covered in fine black fur, his fetlocks and pasterns ended in glittering black hooves that clicked and clattered upon the marble floor. Dressed in a flowing black coat and a tall black silk hat, the goat man swept the hat from his brow and elaborately bowed to the audience all around him. He gestured to the crowd with grand over-exaggerated motions and waved the hat in the air several times before setting it back upon his head. Then, he cracked the long whip clutched in his other hand. The sharp sound of the thin piece of leather snapping in the air drew all attention toward him.

His voice was deep and rich, and easily carried throughout the cavernous arena. Team Luciene, the champions, were towering, androgynous entities that, while humanoid in shape were anything but human. Tall and well-muscled, they bore enormous leathery wings upon their backs like giant bats. Their hands ended in long vicious claws, and their feet were shaped like the talons of raptors. Their beady bird eyes flashed yellow and bright over their beaks, while their thick, scaly tongues flicked out over their long incongruous fangs and rows and rows of sharp teeth.

As team Luciene entered the ring, their wings beat fiercely, carrying them over the marble floor in great bounds.

The Naming of Time Machines

They landed near the ringmaster, and Omen could see their claws digging down into the surface of the stone as if it were made of sand. Each let out a series of vicious caws that cut right through Omen. While their bodies showed signs of minor injuries, they did not seem even slightly fatigued from their previous matches.

From the other door the two challengers. Not remotely human, these two players were mostly reptilian — their lower bodies curled into enormous serpent coils. Their long, wide upper torsos were covered with glistening scales. They possessed four arms each, heavily muscled and thick with ropy sinews. Their scaled hands flashed with sharp claws. As the snake creatures approached, both hissed, showing off long dripping fangs.

Team Islid swayed menacingly in front of the ringmaster, who cracked his whip in warning.

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Two furry white shapes caught hold of the edge of the box. The fuzzy shapes were white as snow, white as cream, long fluffy tendrils of fur catching in the air. A larger shape pulled itself upward. Omen saw a flash of orange, a gleam of gold, a shimmer of gossamer, and a moment later he found himself staring into the face of a.

Omen blinked. The music in his head grew utterly silent. The patterns vanished. He blinked again and stared hard, trying to make out exactly what he was seeing. The kitten was large — perhaps the size of a herding dog. But it was still a kitten, a kitten with a too-large head and gangly legs. The kitten was covered in long fluffy orange and white fur patterned in glimmering stripes that caught in the air currents and shimmered with a silken sheen.

Enormous amber-colored eyes shone with curiosity. The pink nose, twitching as it tried to catch the scents all around, seemed almost lopsided due to the small smattering of dark freckles on one side of the velvety skin. Visit us at OfCatsAndDragons. It is our gift to you. Tokara tried not to giggle at the extra th in us. Her six-year-old sister was still struggling with her s sounds. Though she was already ten years old, Tokara too was enamored with the enormous cat. Caia huffed and shuffled backward on her knees to what amounted to less than a half step.

She scrambled up so she could stomp one foot expressively. She picked up a sandalwood comb from the carved side table. Caia touched a snarl above her ear with chagrin. She did, however, tug off the old cap. The blond locks shone golden in the morning light. Just got to go slow. The old man grumbled something unintelligible over his plate, but his tone was that of an unmistakable, unequivocal, no. Kadana had made a show of shaking her head — slowly, dramatically. Omen had flushed with embarrassment, and Tokara had started to feel sorry for him. She knew how her mother always teased, and she also knew that her mother took little offense at any perceived slight.

Yoshihiro had cleared his throat. Perhaps his interest lies in the natural laws. Perhaps he is ready to learn not just the how but the why. Kadana had played at seriously considering his words, brows knotted. The boys certainly would enjoy learning the throws and holds from you. A joint-lock or two could come in handy, I bet. Will you take Yoshihiro up on his generous offer to train you? I wonder how long ago Momma set that in motion. She wants Omen to study with Baba, but she knows Baba would never take him on as a student.

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So, she tricked him. Tricked both of them.

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The training had started early the next morning, and Tokara now watched intently as Baba flipped Omen over his head time and again. Omen thought his size and strength would be a match for Baba.

The old man had quickly proven that guess incorrect. Caia leaned over the balcony a little farther. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Christopher Jay. Christopher Jay. Books by Christopher Jay. Trivia About The Naming of Tim No trivia or quizzes yet.